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The Problem We See

Today ad delivery is painful. Sharing ads through the ecosystem is overly complex - it’s time-consuming, confusing and frustrating.   

How We Help Solve It

Our mission is to simplify advertising. Humming is a white label ad agency for brands, in-house teams, SMBs and even ad agencies to help share ad content across multiple ad networks and exchanges simultaneously. Ads made easy, with high reach. Our platform can be implemented, and white-labeled, within larger, VIP client sites as well. 

01. fAST

Delivering ads to a network, DSP, or exchange takes too long and is wildly inefficient. We’re here to make it quick to create, ship, and manage ad content through multiple routes.

02. Beautiful

Ads are difficult to manage with confusing platforms and outdated back-and-forth communication systems. Instead, ad sharing should be clear to navigate with a modern look and feel. 

03. AcceSSIBLE

Third parties create a barrier that complicate the process with overly-complex delivery channels, terms and tools. We’re here to make it easy.


Today ad delivery is just painful. We’re helping fix that.


Maximize your reach in minutes 

Through networks and exchanges, ads shared through humming can be seen across billions of impressions everyday. With an accessible creation and sharing tool, your audience has never been closer. 


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